Who I am

This space has been created so that you can get better acquainted with who I am as a person. You can find out a bit more about my personal background: where I come from, what I like, what my hobbies and interests are, etc.

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What I do

This webpage contains a portfolio section featuring some of the projects that I have done over the course of the years. The work shown on this site reflects my influences and adopted styles, as well as various aspects of both my personal and professional background.

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FAQ's & More

This site also allows you to see who I am as a professional. You can check out my résumé, as well as an FAQ section that may answer some questions that you may have about me.

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My name is Roxwel, and I am a web developer in training!

My Skills

  • Programming
  • Drawing
  • 3D Modeling

A little more about me

Where do I start? Let's see... Once upon a time... Hahaha, gotcha!!
Nah, I will not go too much into detail.

I was born and raised in Colombia. I moved to Canada at the age of 14, so one could argue that I am more Canadian than Colombian at this point.

I have a programming background, though it has been way too long since I last did some major programming. As a programmer, I enjoy developing concise, useful, and clean code. I try to adhere to best practices, and also ensure that the code performs flawlessly.

Besides programming, I also like to draw. I usually draw in a very manga-like style, a trait that developed after much exposure to anime back in my childhood. In addition to drawing, I also enjoy 3D modeling. I know the basics of it, but it is a skill that I would eventually want to hone as well.

Other interests and hobbies include sports, reading, travelling and exploring the world, and learning new things about myself and life.

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